Welcome to Cryptic Realms! If you're a Guest, don't forget to Register for access to more features!Cryptic Realms 3.0 has been released! You can join via!The server has been released! Suggest any features you'd like to see here!

To become a Member, simply click the "Register" button on the homepage, then follow the instructions given to add your Minecraft character. If you do this correctly you will automatically receive Member in-game.

You are allowed to use any mod that doesn't affect gameplay directly. Mods such as mini-maps, shaders, and other visual aids are allowed.

To appeal a ban, go to the ban appeal section in the forums, read the thread on how to appeal and, following the instructions from that thread, create a new thread answering all of the fields provided.

To apply for a staff or builder position, go to the "Apply for Staff" forums, or the "Apply for Builder" forums and read the threads marked "Read before applying", once you've read those threads create a new thread following the format provided.

There are many things you can do to obtain currency, you can sell almost any item using the /sell hand command, you can create a chestshop and sell items to other players, and you can vote to earn $250 per vote!

E-Points are a type of virtual currency, you can obtain e-points by voting, donating, creating threads, posting on the forums, and participating in events and contests.