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News & Announcements

You call that a teaser shot? I'll show you a teaser shot!

These teaser shots are mostly to show off a feature that hasn't truly been mentioned yet. With this comes good and bad news; unfortunately we most likely won't be releasing "late February" as hoped. Fortunately we have good reasons for this; even more features are being implemented than we had previously expected!

While we don't want to set a release date quite yet, at the moment we're mostly polishing the features we already have, bug testing, and adding the new major feature that was mentioned. We hope you're all still looking forward to the server! Thank you all for your continued support!

- CR Staff Team

This progress report has been a long time coming, much has changed since the last report!

What we have completed:

• The majority of the Custom Mobs and Custom Items

• All three Battlegrounds are complete

• Quest system has been implemented and lore has been tied in

• The vast majority of the lore has been completed

• Custom Combat system

• Socket system and Custom Enchantments are finished

• We've switched over from our custom Protection plugin to Grief Prevention, simply because it requires less of a learning curve

• Economy has been finished

• mcMMO has been implemented(Though we may switch this out at a later date for a custom Levelling plugin, though this would likely be included in a future expansion pack)

• Bosses and certain events in the End Arena have been completely automated

• A more in depth Cryptic Shards system has been implemented

What we're working on:

• Settings up the NPC shops in the Market, as well as creating custom items that are sold exclusively here

• Dungeon generation has been cancelled due to map size and incompatibilities with some of our more important plugins, unfortunately this feature will likely not be included on release

• Adding more Quests to the ones we already have done,some of which will also tie into the lore of the world

• Completely finishing spawn as well as the various discoveries and bits of lore. It already includes over 140 NPCs, which makes spawn a very interesting place to explore

• Adding an "outpost" to a random location in the world, players will have to find this location and complete a quest to gain the ability to /warp to this location

• Setting up kits, waves and bosses within the Battlegrounds, as well as implementing a GUI menu to select your kit from

• Working on custom textures for certain custom items, which will be featured in our custom version of the Faithful Venom x32 resource pack

• Implementing the lore that we've created into the world in various forms(including NPC dialogue, books, etc.)

• Finishing permissions and ranks, adding various crates, finishing and adding mob arenas

• Finishing the Isle of Knowledge(This will likely be the last thing we finish, as we're still adding and changing things that will need to be in the tutorial)

• Balancing custom, unique, and socketed items so player's can create a range of different equipment sets that are end-game viable

• There are more things that we're working on that we don't want to spoil until we fully release the server, these are the main features

We are getting closer and closer to release, the majority of the major features on the server are complete, now it's simply finishing everything and polishing it. If you have any suggestions for the server, the next week or so will be the LAST chance to get them implemented before release. We hope you enjoyed this progress update and we apologize for the long wait, there will likely be one last update before release.

- CR Staff Team

Here's another set of teaser shots for CR 3.0, we apologize for the time between reports, but we've been working hard on the server and it's nearing completion!

Here are some teaser shots from various sections of the server;

We hope you enjoyed these shots, a progress report of the status of the server will be released within the next week! As usual, the full versions of these screenshots can be viewed here in the Gallery.

- CR Staff Team

CR 3.0 - Teaser Shots #1

Narrator A posted Jan 10, 17  -  2017CR 3.0JanuaryTeaser

Its been awhile since the last progress report, so we figured it was past time to give the community something! Here are some teaser screenshots of a few locations(not all of these are 100% finished, but the majority of them are) on the new server, enjoy!

The server is constantly being worked on, and while we're still not comfortable with setting a release date, we're thinking everything should be completed sometime late february- a specific date will be set when we're closer to completion! There will be no open beta like the one released with the original server, instead we'll be fully releasing all features on release.

You can view full screen versions of these screenshots(and a few extras) here.

We hope you enjoyed this teaser and we hope you're looking forward to CR 3.0!

- CR Staff Team

Spectre_Knight $ Hey, that's pretty good!

This Progress Report will be quite a bit shorter than the last, but we figured we'd put it out as a small holiday surprise!

What we have planned:

• The server will be quite a bit more RPG themed than the last server, this was mentioned in the last report but it's now a final decision.

• Most major updates of the server will come in the form of themed 'expansion packs', these will include new themed arenas, items, mobs, and events.

• Mob Arenas will be included, but they will be quite a bit different from the old system. Rather than just being random places you go to fight mobs, they will have a minor amount of lore, and their locations will tie in with the overlying lore of the server. They will also be released within the major expansion packs.

• Seeing as the poll on 1.8 vs 1.9 combat was so split, we'll be testing a custom hybrid combat system out. The cooldown for items will still exist, but it will be quite a bit shorter than 1.9's default.

What we have completed:

• The majority of Event Bosses, as well as many, many other custom mobs

• An all new Mob Arena plugin

• The majority of spawn

• A live map has been completely rendered for the overworld

• Custom Combat system

What we're working on:

• Custom NPC shops, since our old one has become very outdated and there are no suitable public versions available

• Finishing the Isle of Knowledge(This will likely be the last thing we finish, as we're constantly adding and changing things that will need to be in the tutorial)

• Still downloading the map and generating dungeons throughout it

• Creating and implementing Quests

• Creating custom mobs as well as NPCs that will spawn throughout the world. A small amount of these mobs have already been added to the Wiki, though the majority of them will be added at a later date

• Creating slightly toned down versions of Boss Mobs that will spawn extremely rarely in the overworld, as well as unique legendary and boss mobs that will spawn in the Nether and End, making exploration much more rewarding

• Adding a fairly large amount of lore to the world

• Finishing permissions and ranks, adding various crates, finishing and adding mob arenas

As we get closer and closer to release, we ask the community to post any suggestions they have now, rather than later! This will make it much easier for us to implement any ideas you may have for the server.

- CR Staff Team

Spectre_Knight $ I am really liking this whole role-play focused theme. I am looking forward to this very much and I am glad to see good ...
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Thanks my dude.
Sorry about that, you can use this IP to connect to the old server: [link]
Sounds good mate. I would much rather have a finished product than a half baked one. Also how do I get on the server? The link you gave Cr1n doesn't work
Thanks for the patience, Spec! We're working as hard as possible to get the server to the point where we can release it ^^
Release the god damn server. I can't handle the wait :)
Why does it say "You are not whitelisted on this server"?
Nope, we've decided to go with Griefprevention this time around!
Hey, is the new cryptic realms going to be towny?
Happy Valentines day everyone!
Thanks man! You to!
Always glad to hear feedback! Looking forward to seeing you on the server Spectre.
The Spawn really does look amazing you guys. Can't wait for 3.0! This is gonna be lit
Thank you for your support Mystery, glad to see you enjoy all of the progress!
Dang, everything is looking pretty good so far!
Feel free to post any suggestions you have for the server in the 3.0 suggestions thread ^^
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