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News & Announcements

Happy Thanksgiving!

Narrator A posted Nov 23, 17  -  2017NovemberSaleThanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it! We're very thankful for all of our dedicated players and the community that we've gained over the years!
All E-Point packages in the store are 25% off until Sunday, November 26th! All individual packages purchased during this time will include 5 Mystery Crate Keys!
We all hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
- CR Staff Team

Top Voters - August

Narrator A posted Sep 9, 17  -  AugustTop Voters

Congratulations to the Top Voters of August!

First Place - Evilawngnome

138 Votes

Prize: $20,000 & 10 Vote Keys

Second Place - sitsoken

78 Votes

Prize: $15,000 & 5 Vote Keys

Third Place - masthochess

62 Votes

Prize: $10,000 & 3 Vote Keys

Enjoy your rewards, remember to vote next month!

You can vote for the server for daily rewards and a shot at a Top Voter spot here!

CR 3.0 is here!

Narrator A posted Jul 12, 17  -  CR 3.0Helpful Links

The server is finally here! We've poured everything into this server, and we hope you all have as much fun playing on it as we did creating it!

Here's a list of links to get you started on the new server!

Learn about the various new mechanics added to the server on our Wiki page!

Introduce yourself to the community here!

Report any bugs you find on the server in this thread

Have something you'd like to see on the server? Suggest it here!

Suggest any Unique Item ideas you have here!

Can't automatically download the Texturepack? Manually download it here!

On behalf of the entire staff team, we'd like to welcome all of the new players, and welcome back all of the old! We're glad so many of you seem to be enjoying the server so far!

- CR Staff Team

CR 3.0 Release Date

Narrator A posted May 27, 17  -  CR 3.0Release Date

As most of you have probably noticed, the countdown to CR 3.0's release date has began! Once the countdown on the homepage reaches zero, the server will be released to the public!

The specific release date is Friday, June 23rd at 3 PM, we hope to see you all playing once again! 

In the meantime, teasers for the server will be posted in the announcements section on Discord, which you can join by clicking the "Join" button on the Discord module to the right of this post.


The release date has been postponed until July 7th at 3 PM due to unexpected delays revolving around the 1.12 update. We apologize for yet another delay, however we won't be releasing half baked features as we've done in the past. The countdown timer on the homepage has been updated with the new release date.

To all of you who have stuck with us and have waited patiently: thank you! We can't wait to see all of you on the server once again!

Hi everyone! This update will be a bit different from our progress reports, this is a general outline of what to expect of the server upon release! Everyone on the staff here at Cryptic Realms has been hard at work to give you a wonderful experience, blending old concepts with new ones and expanding on what we thought worked best. As we’ve been working, we came to the realization you guys might feel a little in the dark about what’s going on, so we thought we’d give you an overview! However, we don’t want to you to know everything before rejoining us.

This might seem rehashed if you’ve closely been following, but we thought you guys would appreciate some news and know we’re still around. Here are some generalities:


  • Overall expansion of the RPG themes of the server to include:

    • An extensive lore behind all aspects of the server. The narrative is sure to peak your interest, if not immerse you.

    • Better, more interesting, and generally quantitatively more custom items and abilities .

      • Items also have a whole new way of being enchanted and sockets for abilities! If this doesn’t entirely make sense right now, you’ll understand once you see it on the server.

      • Don’t forget all of these items have custom textures so long as you use the server resource pack.

    • A complete overhaul of how ranks on the server work that will keep you busy and further immerse you in the setting(it’s now related to leveling, which has now replaced MCMMO).

    • NPCs and questing for even more immersion. Want to use a server shop or take up a quest? You’ll have to chat up an NPC.

    • Discoveries all around spawn (and hopefully the world soon!) to be made that add layers of depth. All too often, spawns are just big, empty, and boring. We want to engage you.

  • Huge variety of mobs and bosses for you to test your prowess and gear against, with all sorts of abilities and loot to keep you coming back.

    • Thematic battlegrounds against these mobs to test your mettle.

    • Scheduled combat events with special mobs with even more unique loot!

  • We also have all sorts of miscellaneous details and mechanics to expect!

    • Hate 1.9? Love 1.9? We found a middle sweet-spot that still includes the features, but decreases some of the nonsense frustrating parts!

    • The expansion of the cryptic shards system. Expect being able to use them for much more quantitatively.

    • Intuitive GUI for many commands to make some of the more in depth mechanics more approachable and user friendly

    • We ditched Towny. Sorry Towny lovers, we love it, too, but the plugin has been floundering for years and given the depth of all the other mechanics, we figured the simple Grief Prevention plugin would be appreciated for the sake of the learning curve.


That covers most of what to expect. We hope something here caught your attention. Have questions? Suggestions? Constructive criticism? Feel free to respond to this with anything you have to say. We can’t wait to have you guys back on the server and engage you just like old times. Thank you for your time,


- Austin

Public Polls
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Higher level socket gems are randomly dropped by all mobs that drop gems, however higher level and Legendary mobs have a higher chance to drop them.
Can't wait to hear the results of the September votes!
Is there a way to upgrade socket gems? Or to get better ones? I seem to keep getting level I gems
The server is currently on 1.12.2, the IP is PLAY.CRYPTICREALMS.ORG
So Im guessing the direct IP is the actual updated server?
[link] -> ex gg
Wait im confused, if I use the Direct IP it takes me to the Mythic drops server but [link] takes me to the old server, which one is the main? or are they two different servers?
-28069 // 88 // 909 has been griefed. villagers all missing. Much love if this could get fixed <3
Much love
Have you left the website and rejoined at some point in the past? Regardless, your rank has been returned, welcome back!
Anyone want to explain where my rank went?
Yep, it's up! Try direct connecting to "[link]" ^^
Is it up, I just tried to join and it says "Unknown Hostname."
sign out of minecraft completely, your account included. Re enter your email/password and sign in. It should work after that if you are still unable to login. @dinner90001
So I'm having an error saying Failed to login: The authentication servers are currently down for maintenance. I can still connect to other servers but not cryptic realms.
You do not have access to shout.